The Alberta government has proposed labour reforms that will be detrimental to the Alberta economy. As workers and small business owners in the Alberta economy we're saying 'enough is enough'.

From card check to banning workers from the workplace to implementing a system of binding arbitration. This will hurt Alberta's small businesses at a time when the economy is fragile and when a recover is uncertain.

Alberta is already struggling. Their labour reforms could not have come at a worse time for Alberta workers and small businesses. It's time to Keep Alberta Working!

Speak Up!

Stop the Alberta government reforms! We're signing this petition to protest the proposed labour reforms of the Alberta government.

About the campaign

Keep Alberta Working is a grassroots campaign that opposes the Alberta government's labour reforms.

Card Check

The Alberta government is taking away the right to a secret ballot when workers vote on whether to form a union. This goes against a key principle of democracy.

Banning workers from working

The government wants to empower union bosses while hurting workers who don’t want to strike and small businesses caught in the crossfire.

Binding Arbitration

Binding arbitration has been anything but fair, awarding massive concessions to union bosses at the expense of business and ultimately, job growth

Keep Alberta Working is a non-governmental organization that aims to inform Albertans about the potential change in labour laws, and how they can protect themselves and their businesses.

Calgary, Alberta